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Amanda Knox police under fire over botched investigation Worl

Investigation into the murder of British student Meredith Kercher was, according to a lawyer, a 'ship that never changed course'
Mignini was tried and convicted, but not suspended from office. He is appealing against his conviction.
The appellants' counsel maintained, as they had at the trial, that the explanation of what happened in Perugia's Via della Pergola on that winter's night in 2007 was actually perfectly simple.
Sollecito's lawyer remarked on Friday that this was a remarkable coincidence: the very night before, a programme had been broadcast on Italian television in which Sollecito's father had highlighted some of the weaknesses in the prosection case, eliciting from the presenter a remark that, if that was correct, "someone is going to have to pay".
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The investigation into the murder of Meredith Kercher was, in the words of one of Amanda Knox's lawyers, a "ship that never changed course".
"If you're trying to determine facts and truth, you want your suspect clear, lucid and awake," he wrote in a study of the case. "If you want to coerce your suspect into saying what you want them to say, you want them disoriented, groggy and confused."
Amanda Knox: police under fire over botched investigation
A man known to be a petty criminal, Rudy Guede, a drifter from Ivory Coast, broke in, either before or after Kercher returned from a quiet meal with her friends. He took advantage of the situation to try to rape her ? a not uncommon occurrence, criminologists say ? and, when she put up a vigorous struggle, he slashed her throat.
Instead of dropping their theory, however, the investigators simply replaced Lumumba with Guede and pressed ahead full steam. This despite the fact that they were unable to find any forensic evidence directly linking Knox to the scene of the crime.
Critics of his handling of the case have long argued that this may have conditioned his refusal to drop the charges against the two young lovers and let go of the sex-game theory. Accusations had been laid against him over his handling of a strand of the so-called "Monster of Florence" serial killing mystery that he had woven from an even more bizarre thesis involving the entanglement of a Satanist coven made up of otherwise respectable people.
But, by the time it was discovered that Guede had left evidence of his presence all over the bedroom in which the British student bled to death, the investigation had already set off on a quite different route. Giuliano Mignini, one of Perugia's most senior prosecutors, had ordered the arrest of Knox, Sollecito and a third man, Diya "Patrick" Lumumba, the Congolese owner of a bar in the city where Knox worked when she was not studying at Perugia's university for foreigners.

Most of the other questions concern the Italian police. Steve Moore, an FBI agent who has closely followed the case and became persuaded of Knox and Sollecito's innocence, says the American student's overnight interrogation was an aberration in terms of police practice known in his agency as "tag-teaming" and ideally suited to obtain a predetermined result.

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Inside Kercher's bedroom, there were none of her fingerprints or footprints and not a trace of her DNA. The same was true of Sollecito ? or rather, it was, until 46 days after the first inspection of the crime scene when the victim's bra clasp all of a sudden came to light.
There were two forms of acquittal open to the judges. They could have freed Knox and Sollecito on the grounds that there was insufficient proof of their guilt ? an outcome similar to the Scottish law verdict of "not proven". But, instead, they chose to acquit them entirely. In the first place, their decision raises very serious questions about Mignini, who oversaw the investigation and led for the prosecution at the trial. An intensely controversial figure, he was himself facing trial for malpractice at the time Guede's role in the crime was discovered.
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Not the least of the queries posed by Monday night's verdict is how any legal system can allow a man in Mignini's position to continue wielding immense power over the lives of others.
Will that happen now that an appeal court has overturned the original verdict? Monday night's decision was a devastating one for the investigators.
What is more, he had a dramatically newsworthy theory to explain the murder: it was the outcome of a bizarre sex game involving the three detainees and the victim which she had resisted. This version was partly supported by a statement that Knox made four days after the discovery of the crime following a lengthy overnight interrogation in which, she told the court , "I wasn't just stressed and pressurised; I was manipulated."
Yet, according to two Rome university professors appointed by the court to review the evidence, the traces were too faint to sustain such a devastating conclusion: "unreliable in as much as [they were] not supported by scientifically validated analytic procedures", they said in their damning report.
Not surprisingly, it had traces of the young Italian's DNA and that of his girlfriend. They probably used it to prepare food. But, in a sensational twist to the inquiry, police scientists claimed to have established that a trace of Kercher's DNA was on it too.
Less obviously serious, but perhaps more internationally relevant, is what the Amanda Knox case has to say about Italian forensic science methods. The other key piece of evidence in the case was the knife, found in Sollecito's kitchen, which the investigators identified as the murder weapon.

Queen stalker lay dead near palace for years

UBS expects profit despite trading loss - CBS News

Warnie bowls over Hurley - in private

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Queen stalker lay dead near palace for years

The 69-year-old American sent "strange and offensive" packages, including graphic photographs and 600-page letters, to the Queen over the past 15 years, the Daily Mail reports.
"There would not be a better place to remain undiscovered within view of the Queen's primary residence than the West Island," he said.

The man was found lying on a dirty cushion. The amount of mulch covering the pillow would have taken between two and three years to accumulate, the inquest was told.
A pathologist told the inquest he estimated Mr Moore's remains had been on the island for around three years.

A tree surgeon found his body on West Island, in London's St James Park, on March 15.
The body of a man who sent offensive letters and photographs to the Queen lay undiscovered on a park island just 90m from Buckingham Palace for three years.
Robert James Moore, 69, was said to be obsessed with the Queen and was known to the palace because he had tried to send hundreds of packages to her, London's Westminster Crown Court was told last week.
Detective Sergeant Mike West told the hearing the man's obsession with the Queen must have related to where he was found.
A post-mortem examination did not determine a cause of death and no next-of-kin could be found in America.
He was surrounded by vodka bottles and his passport was found near his body.

UBS expects profit despite trading loss - CBS News

Warnie bowls over Hurley - in private

EU urges roadmap on climate action

Wednesday, 5-Oct-2011 07:22 Email | Share | | Bookmark
UBS expects profit despite trading loss - CBS News

(AP) GENEVA &#8212 Swiss banking group UBS said Tuesday it expects credit gains and bond sales to help it record a modest profit in the third quarter, despite a $2.3 billion rogue trading loss.
Only last month, Switzerland's biggest bank warned that it might be forced to report an overall loss for the three months ending in September in light of unauthorized trading from London-based trader Kweku Adoboli. The 31-year-old was arrested Sept. 15 and has been charged with fraud and false accounting.
The Zurich-based bank said it expects positive net new money in its wealth management businesses to be "broadly similar" to the second quarter, despite the trading loss and 400 million francs ($435 million) worth of restructuring charges due to cost-cutting. It added that the cost reduction program was on track with most of the affected employees notified.
In addition,UBS said it expects to benefit from credit gains elsewhere to the tune of about 1.5 billion Swiss francs ($1.6 billion), and book a 700 million francs profit from the sale of treasury-related investments by its wealth management and Swiss bank divisions.
UBS also said its capital position was "strong" even though the cushion required under international banking rules will "decline slightly" from 18.1 percent in the second quarter.
In a staff memo last week, the interim chief executive of UBS, Sergio Ermotti, described the $2.3 billion trading scandal as a "severe setback" to the bank's efforts to regain clients' trust.
Ermotti was appointed Saturday to replace former CEO Oswald Gruebel, who stepped down 10 days after the scandal broke and said he bore responsibility for the massive loss.
Under Gruebel's 2

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Warnie bowls over Hurley - in private

Warne has three children with Callahan - Brooke, Jackson and Summer, while Hurley has a son Damian.
Sunday papers in London say the spin king got down on one knee and popped the question in front of other diners and when Hurley agreed the couple were given a standing ovation.
"Thanks so much again for all your kind messages, they mean a lot.. EH & I very happy and have had a beautiful lazy day today," Warne said on Twitter.
Both have been married before. Hurley was still married to Indian businessman Arun Nayar but the couple divorced in December, while Warne finally broke up with his wife Simone Callahan a few months before his relationship with Hurley became public.
"I didn't propose in front of 200 people at dinner It was done privately and was very romantic - if I say so myself Ps left knee is sore!!!" he told his 547,844 followers on the Twitter microblogging site.
Yes, Shane Warne has proposed to Liz Hurley. But no, he didn't do it in front of other diners.
But Warne has since tweeted that wasn't the case.
Both Warne and Hurley, who first met at an English race meeting in July last year, have both tweeted their thanks.
Warne, 42, popped the question to Hurley, 46, after a romantic dinner on Friday at an exclusive hotel in St Andrews, on Scotland's east coast, where the cricket legend is taking part in a golf tournament.

EU urges roadmap on climate action

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[url=],miLiteratur Nobelpreis-B

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EU urges roadmap on climate action

Australia and Norway have jointly proposed to set a 2015 deadline for a new treaty, with all countries - wealthy and developing - listing their actions and gradually making them more ambitious and binding.
The Kyoto Protocol's obligations for wealthy nations to cut carbon emissions run out at the end of 2012, leading the European Union to propose a temporary new round of commitments under the landmark treaty to avoid any gap.
Canada, Japan and Russia are part of the Kyoto Protocol but have made clear that they will not join another round of the treaty as it does not include emerging economies.
But China and the United States, the two biggest carbon emitters, are both out of the Kyoto Protocol. The treaty requires no action by emerging economies, leading former US president George W Bush to reject the treaty as unfair.
UN climate chief Christiana Figueres told reporters that the written proposal by Australia and Norway was "very helpful" but said it was too soon to say if governments would rally around it.
UN-backed scientists have warned that carbon emissions need to peak by mid-decade to avoid irreversible damage from climate change, with the growing incidence of extreme weather around the world likely to worsen.
The European Union has urged all nations to make clear how they will tackle climate change, saying the world needs a roadmap this year on future action even if a treaty appears out of reach.
Negotiators from around the world are meeting this week in Panama, hoping to find common ground on the thorniest issues before a closely watched UN climate conference in Durban, South Africa opens on November 28.
"But what we need to produce in Durban is a roadmap towards a global legal framework," he said.
"I think we need to know ... what is this other 89 per cent going to commit itself to? This is something where we need to have an answer," Runge-Metzger told reporters in Panama City on Sunday.
From the UN leadership's view, "the intent here in Panama is not to come out of Panama with a long, accordion-type text that puts everybody's positions one behind the other, but rather to begin to work on possible draft texts", she said.
But chief EU climate negotiator Artur Runge-Metzger said that any new commitments by the Europeans needed to be part of a "broader package", noting that the bloc accounted for only 11 per cent of global emissions.
"We know of course that Durban is not going to deliver a new legal outcome, a legal treaty. Time is just too short for that," he said.
Small island states have also lobbied hard for tough decisions on climate change, fearing that melting ice will lead to rising water levels that could literally destroy low-lying civilisations.
Figueres, executive secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, voiced hope that the Panama talks would start finding possible outcomes for Durban.
"I have been very gratified to see that over the past few months," she said, "governments are really beginning to think very seriously about how they would like to advance" action on climate change.

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,cpBrothers visit jailed Nobel winner in China - C

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